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  • Selling your iMac. Start it like new at the Welcome Screen

    If you are selling your iMac and would like to leave it like new for the next user follow these instructions. Re-install Tiger and restart your mac, you will then be presented with a language selection screen. Choose your language e.g. English (this is just temporary). Then watch the intro movie and let it complete, at this point it will start to ask questions about setting up the computer. Just press the Command key + Q, then a message box will appear giving you the option to cancel or shutdown. Click Shut Down. Next time your mac starts the user will be right back at the language selection screen - Just like a new mac!


    command key




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  • How to remove your iPhone sim card

    Need to remove the SIM card from your iPhone? Follow the quick removal guide below.

    First you will need the removal tool supplied with your iPhone.

    Apple iphone sim card removal tool

    apple iPhone remove sim card tool

    iPhone how to remove sim card 4G

    Take your iPhone and turn it so the right side faces up. Then look for a small hole and push in the removal tool. The card tray will eject. Just pull out the tray and swap over your sim card!

    sim removal 4g.png

    iPhone how to remove sim card 3G/3GS

    Take your iPhone and turn it so the top faces you. Now look for a small hole and push the removal tool into it. The card tray will eject. Pull the tray out and swap your sim card!

    sim removal 3gs

    iPhone how to remove sim card 2G

    Pick up your iPhone and look at the top. You should see a small hole, use the sim removal tool and push it into the hole. The sim card tray will pop out. Remove the tray and swap your sim card, that's it!

  • What is website hosting?


    If you've heard the word web hosting and not sure what it means, please read on!

    What is website hosting?

    Website hosting or web hosting is just the term used to describe the service of hosting a website. The service combines the software and hardware needed to store and run a website on the World Wide Web. The computer hardware is usually a server and uses webserver software, It hosts the web site. Popular webserver software used today include Apache, Nginx and Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Some popular web hosting companies include Vidahost and 1&1 Web hosting. Generally web hosting companies will charge you a monthly fee depending on which package you have chosen. The packages they offer vary in storage space and network bandwidth (the amount of traffic you will be receiving).

    Website Hosting Example Packages
    Hosting Space (Web Storage Space)  500Mb 2GB 10G
    Monthly Data Transfer  (Bandwidth) 5GB 25GB 50GB
    Hosted Websites (Allowed)  1 6 16
    Setup Costs FREE FREE FREE
    Monthly Fee £1.99 £2.99   £5.99
  • Make your own website ebook


    Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your own website!

    This beginner’s eGuide will help and explain the necessary steps to make a website and set you on the road to your own website success!

    What’s covered in this free ebook.....

    What is the Internet... a beginner’s introduction

    Starting your first website, you need an idea!

    The website name (Domain Name)

    What type of websites are there? First steps!

    Web technologies and Content Management Systems

    Choosing a Hosting Service, a little more depth!

    Basic bones of a web page (HTML and CSS)

    Tips and considerations

    Where Next!

    Download the ebook here

  • Disassembly Repair Guide - How to take apart an iPhone 2G

    Disassembly Repair Guides from

    Difficulty Level: Hard

    Apple iPhone 2G

    Ever wanted to know how to take apart an iPhone 2G, or do you just want to know how to dismantle and repair your iPhone. Your in the right place, follow the disassembly guide for the iPhone 2G below. Please note the iPhone 2G is quite difficult to take apart!

    To take apart your iPhone you are going to need some tools. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Screen removal tool 4) A very thin flat blade NOTE: A mobile tool kit can be purchased on ebay.

    First remove the SIM card tray.

    Step 1) Remove Rear Casing - Antenna Cover

    Opening iPhone2GWhen you first look at the 2G you will see there are no screw holes, unlike the 3G. To remove the rear case turn over the iPhone so the back is facing up. Locate the opening where the dock connector is and insert a very thin blade in between the casing and the plastic edge of this opening (DO NOT INSERT INTO OR LEAVER AGAINST THE DOCK CONNECTOR). Gently prise the cover up on either side of this opening, it should loosen off and you will see a small crack open up on the bottom of the iPhone between the aluminium case and the black antenna cover. Using the screen removal tool prise along the crack and along the edge of the lower black cover. Once fully loosened slide the cover off.Apple iPhone antenna cover removal

    You will now be able to access 3 screws. Remove each screw and then you need to prise off the the grey cover starting from the bottom corner and work along to the top. When prising off this cover use firm strong actions to try to break the seal but be aware the aluminium casing is very soft and can be damaged easily.

    Cover removal

    Once off flip over the casing to reveal the data cable at the top of the iPhone. Gently leaver up the data cable connector and place the casing to one side.

    Step 2) Removing the iPhone Battery and Logic board

    Apple iPhone antenna cover removal With the rear casing removed the large square battery is visible. From the side and corners slowly prise up the battery, it`s stuck down and joined to the logic board so extra care will be needed (this can take some time, being careful not to bend the battery). Now un-clip the 2 arial connectors and unscrew the 3 screws holding the logic board in place, it should become free. The logic board will still be connected by cables underneath so flip it slowly towards the battery (from the camera side)Data cable and the 3 cables underneath will become disconnected, with a forth large data cable becoming visible. Lift up the small black latch on this data cable to release it and pull the cable away. The battery and logic board can now be placed to one side.

    Step 3) Removing the iPhone 2G LCD Screen and Digitizer

    Turn the remaining casing on to its side and locate the 10 screws around its edges. Unscrew each screw and then leaver up the silver bezel.

    iPhone screen removal

    Along both sides of the screen are three tabsthat you will need to lightly push inwards. The screen can now be removed by carefully levering around its edges, NOTE: there is adhesive at the top and bottom ends of the glass screen so extra care needs to be taken. Thats it! you have now dismantled your iPhone 2G.

    iPhone parts

    Thanks for using this disassembly repair guide from

  • Disassembly Repair Guide - How to take apart an iPhone 3G

    Disassembly Repair Guides from

    Difficulty Level: Average

    Apple iPhone 3G

    Thanks for viewing this guide from Please comment or email on how these disassembly guides can be made better. To learn how to take apart your iPhone 3G follow the simple steps below. The 3G is not as difficult to take apart as the iPhone 2G, but you will still need to take care.

    First you are going to need the tools listed below. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Screen removal tool 4) Suction cup

    NOTE: You can purchase a mobile tool kit on ebay, take care to buy a good quality one!

    Next you will need to remove the SIM card tray.

    Step 1) Removing the LCD Screen Assembly

    Unscrewing iPhone3G Turn the iPhone over so the bottom is facing you. Either side of the dock connector socket you will be able to see a very small screw hole. Take your phillips screw driver and undo both of the screws. removal of screenNext get your suction cup and stick it to the glass screen, gently pull and lift levering the bottom end up first. You can use the screen removal tool by inserting it between the silver bezel and screen if it helps. Be careful with the screen assembly when it becomes loose as it will still be connected to the logic board. Each data cable connected to the logic board is numbered, slowly release each cable in order by using the flat head screw driver. Below number 2 you will see another small data ribbon cable (3) Small data cablewhich is more difficult to disconnect. You need to flip up the small white latch to release it. This step is now complete place the LCD screen assembly to one side.

    Step 2) Removing the iPhone Logic board from the Casing

    With the LCD Screen Assembly removed you will now need to disconnected cables labelled 4,5 and 6 which are connected to the logic board. Use the screen removal tool and/or a flat head screw driver to help you disconnected these cables. Now you need to unscrew a total of 7 screws from the logic board using the small phillips screw driver, the last screw is below the "Do not remove" label.

    Inside iPhone 3G

    Removing Logic boardFrom the middle of the iPhone leaver up the logic board taking care as the camera is connected to the casing on the underside of the logic board, below you will see the battery. Finally disconnect the small data cable from the camera to the logic board (if its not already worked loose). Place the logic board to one side.

    Step 3) Removing the Camera, Dock Connector, Headphone Socket, Battery and Button Assembly

    The camera can be easily removed, just unscrew the retaining screw and leaver it up with the screen removal tool. Then to remove the dock connector board undo the 3 screws shown in the image Removing dock connector boardand again leaver up the board. Now to remove the button assembly which is tricky, first remove the 2 screws holding the power button and peel back the connecting data cable. Then undo the 3 screws holding the headphone socket. You can use the screw driver to help loosen off the headphone socket by pushing it into socket. Next undo the 3 remaining screws holding the volume control buttons and the 1 screw holding the vibrator switch. Gently slowly pull up all of the button assembly cabling as its glued down. Place the button assembly to one side.Removing the Button Assembly

    iPhone3G battery removalThe battery is also stuck in place so you will need to prise it away from the casing. NOTE: Take extra care not to bend the battery. Use the tab located at the top of the battery to help you with removal. Using a combination of the tab, levering with the screen removal or using suction cup, carefully pull up the battery. With the battery out that’s this tricky bit complete.

    Step 4) Taking the LCD Assembly apart

    Along the side of the LCD screen are 5 screws, 3 on one side and 2 on the other. Two of these screws are below some tape. Undo each one, and then turn the screen over. Located on the back near the top right is one more screw which will need removing. The LCD assembly can now be removed by leaving from the bottom of the LCD.

    iPhone3G LCD Assembly

    You have now completed this guide, please comment on any parts that you think can be improved or if you found it useful please support and share it!

    iPhone 3G parts

    Thanks for using this disassembly repair guide from

  • Disassembly Repair Guide - How to take apart an iPod Mini 2G


    Disassembly Repair Guides from

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Apple iPod Mini 2G

    Thanks for viewing this guide, please comment below. To take apart your iPod Mini 2G follow these simple steps. First you are going to need some tools. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Plastic pry tool

    Step 1) Removing the outer case

    Pick up your iPod Mini and look at the top. You are going to need to pry off the plastic cover using either the plastic pry tool or a very thin blade. Squeeze the iPod so the aluminium cover slightly flex's and insert the pry tool in the middle between the plastic and aluminium casing.iPod mini removing the cover The cover is glued down so gently leaver it up and work around the edges lifting it off. With the cover removed turn over your iPod so the bottom is facing you. This time its a bit more difficult, you need to repeat the same process and again pry off the bottom plastic cover. Now you need to use the flat head screw driver and pry out the metal plate from the side to reveal the circuit board. iPod mini removing the metal coverWith the metal plate removed you will see a small data connector that needs to be disconnect by levering it up, but take care! Once complete turn the iPod over again so the top is facing you and undo the only 2 small screws you can see. Next from the right hand side (Headphone socket side) leaver up the metal frame with a flat head screw driver. The whole innards will become free. Now carefully grab each side of the metal frame and pull the whole circuit board out, place the casing to one side. iPod mini removing the inside

    Step 2) Removing the Battery, LCD Screen, Headphone socket and Internal Storage

    The battery is the large square.iPod mini 2g removing the hard drive Carefully pull it up and then disconnect the cable plugged into the logic board. Now to remove the internal storage device (mini hard drive) disconnect the data cable located in the centre of the logic board. Do this using the flat head screw driver and levering against the white clip holding the screen in place. Next to remove the LCD screen leaver up the beige latch connecting the ribbon cable to the logic board.iPod mini 2g screen ribbon cable Then around the edge of the logic board you will see 4 small white clips.iPod mini 2g removing screen With your hand unclip each one and the screen will become loose, place the screen to one side. The last part is the headphone socket (board). Just grab the board on both sides and pull it away from the logic board. The connecting cable will unclip. Thats it!

    Thanks for using this guide, more guides can be found using this link.

    ipod mini 2g parts

  • Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

    Chromebooks have keyboard shortcuts too! Use the keyboard shortcuts listed below and speed up your web surfing experience.

    Simple Chromebook keyboard shortcuts:

    Copy to clipboard

    Ctrl + C

    copy shortcut key
    Cut to clipboard

    Ctrl + X

    cut shortcut key
    Paste from the clipboard

    Ctrl + V

    paste shortcut key
    Paste text without formatting

    Ctrl + Shift + V

    paste text key
    Take a Screenshot

    Ctrl + Switcher Key

    screenshot shortcut key
    Select all

    Ctrl + A

    Select all shortcut key

    Ctrl + Z

    undo shortcut key
    Open a File

    Ctrl + O

    open file shortcut key
    Open a New Tab

    Ctrl + T

    new tab shortcut key
  • How to enable touch interactivity in Chrome

  • How to powerwash the Lenovo 11e Chromebook

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