If you've heard the word web hosting and not sure what it means, please read on!

What is website hosting?

Website hosting or web hosting is just the term used to describe the service of hosting a website. The service combines the software and hardware needed to store and run a website on the World Wide Web. The computer hardware is usually a server and uses webserver software, It hosts the web site. Popular webserver software used today include Apache, Nginx and Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Some popular web hosting companies include Vidahost and 1&1 Web hosting. Generally web hosting companies will charge you a monthly fee depending on which package you have chosen. The packages they offer vary in storage space and network bandwidth (the amount of traffic you will be receiving).

Website Hosting Example Packages
Hosting Space (Web Storage Space)  500Mb 2GB 10G
Monthly Data Transfer  (Bandwidth) 5GB 25GB 50GB
Hosted Websites (Allowed)  1 6 16
Monthly Fee £1.99 £2.99   £5.99
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