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Apple iPhone 2G

Ever wanted to know how to take apart an iPhone 2G, or do you just want to know how to dismantle and repair your iPhone. Your in the right place, follow the disassembly guide for the iPhone 2G below. Please note the iPhone 2G is quite difficult to take apart!

To take apart your iPhone you are going to need some tools. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Screen removal tool 4) A very thin flat blade NOTE: A mobile tool kit can be purchased on ebay.

First remove the SIM card tray.

Step 1) Remove Rear Casing - Antenna Cover

Opening iPhone2GWhen you first look at the 2G you will see there are no screw holes, unlike the 3G. To remove the rear case turn over the iPhone so the back is facing up. Locate the opening where the dock connector is and insert a very thin blade in between the casing and the plastic edge of this opening (DO NOT INSERT INTO OR LEAVER AGAINST THE DOCK CONNECTOR). Gently prise the cover up on either side of this opening, it should loosen off and you will see a small crack open up on the bottom of the iPhone between the aluminium case and the black antenna cover. Using the screen removal tool prise along the crack and along the edge of the lower black cover. Once fully loosened slide the cover off.Apple iPhone antenna cover removal

You will now be able to access 3 screws. Remove each screw and then you need to prise off the the grey cover starting from the bottom corner and work along to the top. When prising off this cover use firm strong actions to try to break the seal but be aware the aluminium casing is very soft and can be damaged easily.

Cover removal

Once off flip over the casing to reveal the data cable at the top of the iPhone. Gently leaver up the data cable connector and place the casing to one side.

Step 2) Removing the iPhone Battery and Logic board

Apple iPhone antenna cover removal With the rear casing removed the large square battery is visible. From the side and corners slowly prise up the battery, it`s stuck down and joined to the logic board so extra care will be needed (this can take some time, being careful not to bend the battery). Now un-clip the 2 arial connectors and unscrew the 3 screws holding the logic board in place, it should become free. The logic board will still be connected by cables underneath so flip it slowly towards the battery (from the camera side)Data cable and the 3 cables underneath will become disconnected, with a forth large data cable becoming visible. Lift up the small black latch on this data cable to release it and pull the cable away. The battery and logic board can now be placed to one side.

Step 3) Removing the iPhone 2G LCD Screen and Digitizer

Turn the remaining casing on to its side and locate the 10 screws around its edges. Unscrew each screw and then leaver up the silver bezel.

iPhone screen removal

Along both sides of the screen are three tabs that you will need to lightly push inwards. The screen can now be removed by carefully levering around its edges, NOTE: there is adhesive at the top and bottom ends of the glass screen so extra care needs to be taken. Thats it! you have now dismantled your iPhone 2G.

iPhone parts

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