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Apple iPhone 3G

Thanks for viewing this guide from INLine-COMPUTERS.co.uk. Please comment or email on how these disassembly guides can be made better. To learn how to take apart your iPhone 3G follow the simple steps below. The 3G is not as difficult to take apart as the iPhone 2G, but you will still need to take care.

First you are going to need the tools listed below. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Screen removal tool 4) Suction cup

NOTE: You can purchase a mobile tool kit on ebay, take care to buy a good quality one!

Next you will need to remove the SIM card tray.

Step 1) Removing the LCD Screen Assembly

Unscrewing iPhone3G Turn the iPhone over so the bottom is facing you. Either side of the dock connector socket you will be able to see a very small screw hole. Take your phillips screw driver and undo both of the screws. removal of screenNext get your suction cup and stick it to the glass screen, gently pull and lift levering the bottom end up first. You can use the screen removal tool by inserting it between the silver bezel and screen if it helps. Be careful with the screen assembly when it becomes loose as it will still be connected to the logic board. Each data cable connected to the logic board is numbered, slowly release each cable in order by using the flat head screw driver. Below number 2 you will see another small data ribbon cable (3) Small data cablewhich is more difficult to disconnect. You need to flip up the small white latch to release it. This step is now complete place the LCD screen assembly to one side.

Step 2) Removing the iPhone Logic board from the Casing

With the LCD Screen Assembly removed you will now need to disconnected cables labelled 4,5 and 6 which are connected to the logic board. Use the screen removal tool and/or a flat head screw driver to help you disconnected these cables. Now you need to unscrew a total of 7 screws from the logic board using the small phillips screw driver, the last screw is below the "Do not remove" label.

Inside iPhone 3G

Removing Logic boardFrom the middle of the iPhone leaver up the logic board taking care as the camera is connected to the casing on the underside of the logic board, below you will see the battery. Finally disconnect the small data cable from the camera to the logic board (if its not already worked loose). Place the logic board to one side.

Step 3) Removing the Camera, Dock Connector, Headphone Socket, Battery and Button Assembly

The camera can be easily removed, just unscrew the retaining screw and leaver it up with the screen removal tool. Then to remove the dock connector board undo the 3 screws shown in the image Removing dock connector boardand again leaver up the board. Now to remove the button assembly which is tricky, first remove the 2 screws holding the power button and peel back the connecting data cable. Then undo the 3 screws holding the headphone socket. You can use the screw driver to help loosen off the headphone socket by pushing it into socket. Next undo the 3 remaining screws holding the volume control buttons and the 1 screw holding the vibrator switch. Gently slowly pull up all of the button assembly cabling as its glued down. Place the button assembly to one side.Removing the Button Assembly

iPhone3G battery removalThe battery is also stuck in place so you will need to prise it away from the casing. NOTE: Take extra care not to bend the battery. Use the tab located at the top of the battery to help you with removal. Using a combination of the tab, levering with the screen removal or using suction cup, carefully pull up the battery. With the battery out that’s this tricky bit complete.

Step 4) Taking the LCD Assembly apart

Along the side of the LCD screen are 5 screws, 3 on one side and 2 on the other. Two of these screws are below some tape. Undo each one, and then turn the screen over. Located on the back near the top right is one more screw which will need removing. The LCD assembly can now be removed by leaving from the bottom of the LCD.

iPhone3G LCD Assembly

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iPhone 3G parts

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