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Difficulty Level: Easy

Apple iPod Mini 2G

Thanks for viewing this guide, please comment below. To take apart your iPod Mini 2G follow these simple steps. First you are going to need some tools. 1) A miniature phillips screw driver 2) A miniature flat head screw driver 3) Plastic pry tool

Step 1) Removing the outer case

Pick up your iPod Mini and look at the top. You are going to need to pry off the plastic cover using either the plastic pry tool or a very thin blade. Squeeze the iPod so the aluminium cover slightly flex's and insert the pry tool in the middle between the plastic and aluminium casing.iPod mini removing the cover The cover is glued down so gently leaver it up and work around the edges lifting it off. With the cover removed turn over your iPod so the bottom is facing you. This time its a bit more difficult, you need to repeat the same process and again pry off the bottom plastic cover. Now you need to use the flat head screw driver and pry out the metal plate from the side to reveal the circuit board. iPod mini removing the metal coverWith the metal plate removed you will see a small data connector that needs to be disconnect by levering it up, but take care! Once complete turn the iPod over again so the top is facing you and undo the only 2 small screws you can see. Next from the right hand side (Headphone socket side) leaver up the metal frame with a flat head screw driver. The whole innards will become free. Now carefully grab each side of the metal frame and pull the whole circuit board out, place the casing to one side. iPod mini removing the inside

Step 2) Removing the Battery, LCD Screen, Headphone socket and Internal Storage

The battery is the large square.iPod mini 2g removing the hard drive Carefully pull it up and then disconnect the cable plugged into the logic board. Now to remove the internal storage device (mini hard drive) disconnect the data cable located in the centre of the logic board. Do this using the flat head screw driver and levering against the white clip holding the screen in place. Next to remove the LCD screen leaver up the beige latch connecting the ribbon cable to the logic board.iPod mini 2g screen ribbon cable Then around the edge of the logic board you will see 4 small white clips.iPod mini 2g removing screen With your hand unclip each one and the screen will become loose, place the screen to one side. The last part is the headphone socket (board). Just grab the board on both sides and pull it away from the logic board. The connecting cable will unclip. Thats it!

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