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  • How to change your Google password

    If your unsure how to change your Google password just follow this short guide.

    First of all open up your favourite web browser and if not already there go to the Google search page. Sign in.... and at the top right of the page click the image (your profile picture) then click the "My Account" link

    Google account link

    Now on the next page click the "Sign-in & security" link.

    Google accounts page

    Scroll down the following page until you see the "Password.... Last changed:...." area, click it.

    Google accounts page

    You will then be asked to enter your old password. Enter your password, another window will be shown where you can enter your new password in the two boxes. Then click "Change Password" easy!!

    If you have the send phone alerts feature enabled you will receive a text notification of the change.

    Google accounts page

  • Daily Reminder Browser Extension

  • Simple Mac keyboard shortcuts

    The MAC keyboard although similar to a standard PC keyboard, does have some Mac specific keys. These keys allow access to those special mac features. Below is a quick list of these keys, and a basic list of some common useful keyboard shortcuts.

    Mac specific keys 

    Dashboard key, Opens up the dashboard and display any widgets that have been setup.

     dashboard key

    Expose key is a feature of the Mac OS X operating system, Expose gives the user a quick preview of all open windows.

    Command key, is equivalent to the Windows key on a standard keyboard.

    command key

    Options key, This key is equivalent to the ALT key on a normal keyboard.

    options key

    Useful shortcuts

    Command-X Cut


    Command-C Copy


    Command-V Paste


    Command-D Duplicate selected item


    Command-N New Finder window

    new window

    Command-M Minimize window

    minimize window

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  • Converting your Windows XP FAT file system to NTFS

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