How to Screenshot on a Mac

Using your Mac’s screenshot capabilities can be an easy way to save information and share images with friends and colleagues. Here are a few ways you can take screenshots on your Mac computer—but first, it’s important to know that there are two different kinds of screenshots: full screen screenshots and a smaller area snapshot.

1) Full Screenshot Press Shift + Command + 3

In order to take a screenshot of your entire computer screen, you can use the following three-step process. First, make sure that the screen you want to capture is visible. Next, press the following keys, Shift + Command + the number 3 key simultaneously. This will capture your entire screen and saves it to your desktop for later use.

Mac full desktop screenshot keys

2) To snapshot an area hold down Shift + Command while pressing 4

To take a snapshot of a certain area of your screen hold down the Shift key + Command key while pressing number 4. Your mouse cursor will change, click and drag your mouse cursor over the area you want to capture. This will snapshot a portion of your screen and save it to your desktop.

Mac partail screenshot keys

3) Edit your screenshoot/snapshot

Every time you take a screenshot or snapshot you will see it get saved with an icon at the lower right of your screen. If you quickly click on this it will open it in a basic editor, where you can make some minor alterations before saving it to your desktop.

Screenshoot Capture

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