Safety and Common Sense

Information imageWhilst building a new Desktop PC will be great fun, you do need to take some basic precautions to protect yourself and your PC from any damage.

Firstly as with any electrical equipment some common sense is needed. Never work on any PC/electrical equipment if plugged into the mains.

Parts inside your PC are not repairable, unless by a qualified professional. It’s usually cheaper and easier to swap faulty parts out than try to repair them yourself.

Exclamation mark imageYour PC produces heat and could be a fire risk. Make sure you plug in fans properly and that they are unobstructed. Adequate ventilation inside your PC is needed to keep it cool.

Electrical components are delicate and ESD could occur (Electro Static Discharge). Always handle components with care by holding them by their edges, read handling instructions if unsure. You can buy Anti-static wrist straps online to help reduce the risk of ESD.

Anti static band image

PHOTO: Storex Anti-Static Wrist Strap.

Inside your PC there are sharp edges which you can easily cut yourself on, so you need to take care. You usually find that more expensive cases have rolled edges which are much friendlier on your hands.

And finally make sure your work area is clean, tidy and safe of obstructions.

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