Welcome to INLine-COMPUTERS.co.uk! made by Mat, a dedicated web technology enthusiast. From its roots this hobby website has been a platform to allow me to create. I've been intrigued by the digital world's potential for a long time leading me to a variety of ventures. I've created a range of websites, games (check this link!) Chrome extensions and now even apps! Each one has allowed me to learn a bit more about the digital world.

Below are some of the brands I've developed.

Dark Read

A Chrome Extension that enhances readability in low-light environments. 

Mo To The Moon

An Odometer Chrome Extension that brings a playful touch to your browsing experience.

MQT "Motivational Quotes Tab"

Kick-start your day with a boost of inspiration. This is an extension I would like to expand on more. It's a home page tool to help you organise and stay on top of your important tasks.

Daily Reminder

Simple browser extension to add a timer to remind you to take breaks!

I've also developed the "Password Generator Tool" website (https://www.passwordgeneratortool.co.uk). Use it as an online utility for creating robust, secure passwords. Additionally, I've created www.classroomtimertools.co.uk, a mini-site offering some simple timers. And my interest in how games work led me to establish studioinline.games.

These are purely for fun! The video below is a prototype game! It's like Marble Blast, Marble it Up.

Download the Marblerun65 Demo Here!

On my sister website, www.howtogizmo.uk, I delve into a broader mix of technology topics, from RC and digital cameras to satellite TV. As time allows. I'm updating it with new projects and articles. Finally as I'm keen on e-bikes, I've made a small forum site called (https://ebike-forum.uk).

If you have any comments or feedback on these platforms, feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. I hope you find these resources helpful and enjoy exploring, thank you for visiting!

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