Handle with care!

Image of altert icon.Now it’s time to fit the CPU, the brain of your PC. On the surface of the Motherboard there is a large cream coloured socket called a ZIF Socket. Located near this socket is a small triangle marker. This maker helps you align the CPU correctly. Carefully unpack your CPU, and look for another triangle maker.

CPU Socket markerCPU Marker

Lift up the leaver on the side of the ZIF Socket, align the maker on the CPU with the one on the ZIF Socket, confirming the correct orientation.and lower the CPU into the socket. Push very lightly, and then lower the leaver back into position. (See Video below)



In a modern Desktop PC the CPU requires its own power, so you need to locate the four pin power socket (usually next to the ZIF Socket).plug icon Plug the four pin plug from the main power supply into this socket.

With the CPU in place and power connected we now need to attach the cooler fan and heat sink on top. These vary in design so you will need to check the instructions that came with the cooler assembly. As a basic procedure you will need to correctly align the cooler assembly over the top of the CPU keeping it level. Then lower and use the clips provided to hook it onto the side of the ZIF Socket. With it firmly in place plug icon plug in the power supply lead.

Image of fan power connector.

Plugging in the CPU fan power lead.

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