How to set a countdown timer on your Windows computer

In Windows 11, you can set up and use a countdown timer to remind yourself of upcoming appointments, goals and get more done. Even use it in the classroom!

This guide will teach you how to set a countdown timer on your windows computer. The countdown app for desktop is one of the many features found in Windows 11. It's easy to use! 

To begin:

  • Click the “Start” button in the lower left hand corner. 

Windows 11 Start

  • From there click "All apps" and search for "Clock"

 windows countdown clock

  • Open the Clock app!

A window will appear saying "Welcome to focus sessions”'. On the left side you should have 5 options. 

To quickly set up a timer click "Timer",  you will be shown a few built-in timers. To add a custom timer use the plus button at the bottom right hand side. Choose your countdown timer, name it and then click “Save”. 

To start the timer simply click the “Play button”, if you want to pause the timer click the button again. To restart the timer click the button with the small circle (arrow) next to the play button.  

Why you're in the Windows Clock app, it's worth following the wizard in the focus session area, This will show you more cool things you can do with this inbuilt feature to Windows 11.


Windows countdown app

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