Ok, it’s a mouse, the first mouse I’ve ever reviewed. If you’re like me… a mouse has always really been... just a mouse?  But are these more expensive mice worth it? So far yes!

This is the first gaming mouse I have ever purchased. It’s a high quality entry level gaming mouse with 14 points of RGB light. It’s made by KLIM, a relatively new company that brings to market a practical and clean looking design which is ambidextrous, so it can to be used by both left and right handed people. The build quality is good and it feels well weighted when in your hand, you may notice its slightly larger and heavier than a normal mouse. On each side is a synthetic leather grip that looks a little cheap but does feel comfortable. On the left hand side it has 2 programmable buttons with a further button on the top. The mouse wheel also acts as a forth button. It total there are 6 programmable buttons which can be changed to 15 defined settings, one of which is “macro”. You can also configure one of the buttons to switch between 4 preset DPI settings, which you can adjust.

15 Defined Settings

The mouse has a DPI range of 500 – 7000 which is lower than some of the other mice In this price bracket, but the mouse does include RGB lights, and 14 of them for that!

KLIM Driver Software


The downloadable software is well laid out but looks cheap, it also took me a few minutes to change the RGB colours. The mouse has 5 preset colour modes along with brightness, direction and speed. You can set each point of colour when in static mode, and if you don’t set a colour the LED,s will stay off. When downloading the software I was surprised to see it also supports OSX!

Setting RGB Lights


The KLIM mouse can be found below £25 pounds when on sale which makes it an ideal upgrade for any gaming rig at that price! So far I have found this mouse does not set my RSI off, so it get a thumbs up from me!

  • 14 RGB Lights
  • Wired USB with braided cord
  • On the fly adjustable DPI up to 7000
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Ambidextrous Desgin
  • 500Hz
  • 20G Acceleration
  • Designed for Gaming
  • OSX and Windows!


Offical KLIM Video (From Youtube!)