Folder iconIf your are running Windows XP and your file system is in FAT or FAT32, you can easily convert it to the newer NTFS file system. This is slightly faster,more secure and provides extra features like file encryption. When you convert your file system it will not affect any of your files or your system data, this process is a one way process and cannot be undone. To convert your file system to NTFS follow these steps.

1) Click the Start button and then Run.
2) In the run box type “cmd” and press enter.
3) At the command prompt type convert then the drive letter followed by /fs:ntfs and press enter.

E.g. To convert your C: drive type "convert c: /fs:ntfs"

Converting FAT to NTFS





Note: If you are converting your system partition you will be prompted to schedule the conversion at system start up.

Once complete your file system will be converted to NTFS.

Check out the Youtube video below.

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