Microsoft Edge do you use it.... have you tried it?  In this short article, we'll provide a quick glimpse over the updated version of Microsoft Edge. This revised version was include with the Windows 10 October 2020 update. When you update your PC this version will be installed and the old version of Edge removed, now with something that remarkably feels a bit like.... Chrome!

It contains some prominent features like the fan-favorite shortcut Alt + Tab that enables you to switch to another tab instantly, but with a streamlined design and feel and its built on Chromium! so under the hood its now simliar to Chrome?

The New Microsoft Edge

With this update, you can enjoy the latest version of the Edge web browser. After its successful launch, its experienced some growth and luckily Microsoft incorporated it in the update. Its now pretty good! If you haven’t tried Microsoft Edge we strongly recommend you do because it feels speedy, adds more privacy, and gives you more value while surfing the web. If you’ve explored this latest browser, you might have experienced its astronomically fast speed, . Aside from that, Microsoft is consistently integrating new features in its browser frequently. Explore tools built in like ‘collections’,  use this to share and save new content you find online. Harnessing the power of this tool, you can perform holiday shopping, school research and plan your next camping trip. Besides this tool is cross-platform compatible so you can use it on both mobile and PC.

Other enticing features of Microsoft Edge in this latest update are:

  • Alt + Tab, the quickest way to access your apps and web tabs. With this keyboard shortcut, you can quickly access all the apps you’ve opened on your desktop, but with this recent update, you can open all the tabs you’ve opened in your Microsoft edge. All the tabs you were looking for. If you are the person who always likes pining your mostly-viewed websites to the taskbar, you must like this feature. Another appealing aspect of this feature is when you hover the website icon, you can view all the open tabs of that particular site.
  • Tracking Prevention Settings. This version of Edge relay pushes personal privacy and security, giving you the controls you should have.  In its basic form, its nice easy interface makes it simple to use. Just choose an option, as Imaged below!


Edge Tracking Prevention Screen Shot


  • Unwanted App Blocker. Usefully integarted into the bowser. Now block apps straight of the bat with this handy option. 

  • Edge is available available on other operating systems, for download on Mac, iPad, Windows 8 through to 10!
  • Edge now Includes a nice option to choose an alternative DNS service. Giving you a key point of security to your browsing.
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